Each poster is assessed for its specific conservation needs.
A reversable lining technique is applied to preserve the poster. Japanese tissue and unbleached cotton are used as a backing to stabilize and reinforce the poster. Once lined the poster can lie flat for framing or display and can also be rolled for safe storage.
Paper loss can be restored using archival methods and acid free materials.

About image

  • Having worked in the field of conservation since 1992, Helen Winder has gained collective knowledge and skills working within national archives in the British Library and the international poster restoration industry. With her experience she has developed her own poster conservation practice resulting in a stable preservation  medium bringing to life and prolonging the future of the individual printed poster.

  • https://n22openstudios.com/project/helen-winder/

  • Collage Artspace 2, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ